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Who We are

Welcome to The Veteran Realtor Podcast (TVR), where I, John Reuter, a retired Air Force Veteran and seasoned Real Estate Broker, serve as your guide through the maze of benefits and resources available to veterans. Join me as we uncover hidden gems, share inspiring stories, and spotlight veteran-owned businesses in each episode. Together, let's navigate the journey of military and post military-life with knowledge, support, and community. Tune in, and let's make a difference together.  Longer about me for page: Hey there, I'm John Reuter – retired Air Force Veteran, seasoned Real Estate Broker, and the passionate voice behind The Veteran Realtor Podcast (TVR)

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 Imagine a world where the path to post-military life isn't a confusing maze, but a well-lit road filled with opportunities and support. That's the vision driving TVR.

Throughout my years of service and beyond, I've seen firsthand the challenges veterans face in navigating the sea of benefits and resources available to them. It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. That's why I launched TVR – to shine a spotlight on these invaluable resources, share inspiring stories, and uplift veteran-owned businesses.

Each episode of TVR is a labor of love, crafted to be a beacon of hope and knowledge for my fellow servicemen and women. Whether it's uncovering little-known benefits or showcasing the resilience of our community, I'm dedicated to making sure every listener walks away with something valuable.


it's about us. I want to hear from you, whether you have a story to share, a topic suggestion, or want to be a guest on the show. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that every veteran gets the support they deserve.

So, grab your headphones and join me on this journey. Let's explore, learn, and grow together with The Veteran Realtor Podcast. Your support system is just a click away.

Podcast recording studio
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