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  • John Reuter

Updates to Veteran Benefits - Current Legislation Session in Wisconsin

I have been following the current legislative session in Wisconsin to track the progress of bills effecting Veteran's in the senate and the assembly. It's crucial to keep track of such developments to understand the evolving support for veterans' rights and benefits. Here's a summary of the current status of each bill:

  1. AB772/SB744: This bill, which aims to change how tuition reimbursement works for the Wisconsin Tuition Grant, has been laid on the table, indicating a postponement for further consideration. My prediction is it may not be addressed during the current session and might require reintroduction in the 2024 session.

  2. AB239/SB238: This bill, which proposes waiving entrance fees for veterans to technical and UW schools, passed the senate in September of 2023 and has been referred to the Committee on Rules on February 14, 2024. It's in the process of further review before potential advancement.

  3. AB102/SB102: This bill, which seeks to reduce the threshold for the Property Tax Credit for Veterans and Surviving Spouses, passed the assembly with overwhelming support (96-0) and is now headed to the senate. The senate will review it, conduct readings, and vote on it. If it passes the senate, it will then go to the governor for signing into law.

Thanks for reading our blog to monitor these bills, as our goal is to keep the veteran community informed and engaged in the legislative process. It's indeed hopeful that AB102/SB102 will pass in the senate and be signed into law, potentially benefiting a significant number of veterans and their surviving spouses.

Please follow our blog and our Facebook page to keep up to date on current laws effecting veterans. 

John Reuter

Founder & Host

The Veteran Realtor Podcast


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