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  • John Reuter

Empowering Veterans: The Nexus of Gaming and Community Support

Numerous active-duty service members and Veterans turn to video games as a means of stress relief, social connection, and enjoyment. Below are four valuable resources within the gaming community tailored specifically for Veterans interested in electronic sports (esports) and gaming events:

  1. Warrior GMR Foundation

  • Organizes live esports tournaments catering to Veterans.

  • Founded by Josh Otero, this nonprofit fosters connections among Veterans, active military personnel, and community members through competitive gaming events.

  • Their mission, as stated by Chief Executive Officer Josh Otero, is to cultivate communities and enhance physical and mental well-being through gaming.

  • Join their Discord channel for more information and engagement opportunities.

  1. REGIMENT Gaming

  • A vibrant gaming community dedicated to bringing together military service members and Veterans.

  • With nearly 20,000 members, REGIMENT Gaming has raised substantial funds for Veteran-focused nonprofit organizations.

  • Led by Marine Corps Veteran and former professional gamer, CEO Chris Earl, REGIMENT emphasizes camaraderie and suicide prevention among Veterans through gaming.

  • Participate in their weekly online events and connect with volunteer staff on Discord for support or resource referrals.

  1. Brick by Brick Vets

  • Hosts a weekly Twitch community stream created by Air Force Veteran Eric Gyamfi and Army Veteran Justin DiSantis.

  • Streaming on Twitch, Gyamfi and DiSantis aim to foster a supportive environment for Veterans to engage with one another and access VA resources.

  • Tune in weekly to their stream and be part of this growing community.

  1. Stack Up’s Overwatch Program

  • Offers mental health support for Veterans through their Overwatch Program, which operates 24/7/365.

  • Founded on Stack Up’s commitment to leveraging gaming for Veteran support, this program provides peer-to-peer crisis intervention and mental health assistance.

  • Staff and volunteers are certified in crisis management and equipped to offer confidential support to Veterans, active duty military members, and civilians.

  • Access the Overwatch Program via the Stack Up Discord server for assistance with mental well-being.

These resources offer diverse avenues for Veterans to engage with the gaming community, receive support, and enjoy the benefits of esports and gaming events.

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