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Troops at 14 Bases Embark on Testing New Approach to Military Relocation Moves

Military and Family Moving

About 200 service members are poised to relocate in the coming months under a pioneering system designed to enhance their moving experience. Spearheaded by the Defense Personal Property Management Office at U.S. Transportation Command, this initiative aims to address persistent challenges associated with military moves by implementing a centralized approach to household goods shipping.

Scheduled to kick off with up to 50 shipments monthly from April through July, the program will be piloted in five regions: Norfolk, VA; Jacksonville, NC; Seattle/Tacoma, WA; Camp Pendleton, CA; and San Diego, CA. Andy Dawson, Director of the Defense Personal Property Management Office, expressed enthusiasm for the transformative potential of this endeavor, emphasizing its far-reaching impact on service members and their families.

The new system, which outsources household goods shipping management under TRANSCOM's oversight, consolidates operations under a $6.2 billion contract awarded to HomeSafe Alliance. This consortium of companies will serve as the exclusive manager of household goods moves, ensuring streamlined processes and heightened accountability.

The initial phase involves 14 installations, including Naval Station Norfolk, VA; Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, NC; Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, NC; Naval Base Kitsap, WA; Naval Station Everett, WA; Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, WA; U.S. Coast Guard Base Seattle, WA; Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA; Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA; Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, CA; Naval Base San Diego, CA; Naval Base Ventura County – Port Hueneme, CA; Naval Air Station Lemoore, CA; and U.S. Coast Guard Base Portsmouth.

TRANSCOM's pursuit of enhanced relocation experiences commenced in 2018 following a challenging moving season. Nearly six years later, with rigorous testing and preparation complete, the initiative is poised for implementation. According to Dawson, the first moves are expected to commence in mid- to late April, with plans to progressively scale up operations thereafter.

Under the new system, service members will seamlessly transition to the Defense Personal Property System portal, which will automatically direct eligible individuals to the new MilMove platform. Here, they can upload pertinent information, such as permanent change of station orders, and liaise with HomeSafe for move coordination and tracking.

The modernized technologies employed by MilMove and HomeSafe Connect promise a more user-friendly experience compared to previous systems. Moreover, the centralized accountability facilitated by HomeSafe Alliance aims to mitigate common issues such as lost or damaged belongings, instilling confidence in service members throughout the relocation process.

The Global Household Goods Contract, awarded to HomeSafe Alliance, represents a significant investment in improving relocation services for military personnel and their families. With a potential value of up to $17.9 billion over nine years, this contract underscores the commitment to delivering reliable and efficient moving solutions.

As the program enters its implementation phase, service members can anticipate a smoother transition during their relocations, thanks to the collaborative efforts of TRANSCOM, HomeSafe Alliance, and the participating installations. This innovative approach heralds a new era in military moves, promising enhanced convenience, accountability, and satisfaction for those who serve our nation.

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