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  • John Reuter

Veteran Property Tax Amendment Stalls in Senate

The veteran and surviving spouse property tax amendment hit a snag in the senate. Despite its successful passage in the State Assembly with an impressive vote of 96-0, the momentum stalled in the state senate last week as they concluded their session. With this setback, AB102/SB102 will need to be reintroduced in the next session and secure approval from both the assembly and senate before reaching the governor's desk for signature. AB102/SB102 aimed to lower the threshold for the Wisconsin Veteran's and Surviving Spouse Property Tax Credit from 100% to 70%, promising increased housing affordability for thousands of veterans. We're committed to monitoring the next session closely and rallying veterans together to ensure our voices are heard and to push for the passage of this critical bill into law. It's faced too many delays already. Stay tuned to The Veteran Realtor Podcast for further updates on veterans' affairs.


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