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  • John Reuter

DAV Patriot Boot Camp a comprehensive program empowering veterans and military spouses

DAV Patriot Boot Camp

Shortly after concluding his service in the military in 2011, Marine Veteran Alan Parvis delved into endurance racing. However, his post-military journey led him to identify a pressing issue.

"When transitioning from pavement to trail during a run, athletes often face a dilemma: they must either opt for a road shoe lacking durability or a trail shoe compromising on comfort and performance on the road," remarked Parvis.

This realization catalyzed the inception of GOFASTER Athletic, a brand specializing in multi-terrain, high-performance footwear that pays homage to military service.

In February 2023, Parvis introduced his innovative concept at the DAV Patriot Boot Camp, a platform designed for entrepreneurs within the military and Veteran community. The event spanned three days and encompassed panel discussions, workshops, mentorship sessions, and networking opportunities.

Parvis emerged as one of three finalists in a virtual pitch competition, judged by renowned chef Robert Irvine, a U.K Royal Navy Veteran and DAV supporter. Securing victory in the competition, Parvis earned no-obligation funding to fuel his venture.

Interested individuals can now apply for the upcoming DAV Patriot Boot Camp, scheduled for May 15-17 at DAV National Headquarters near Cincinnati, Ohio, by visiting The application deadline is April 29, 2024. Successful applicants will have the chance to compete in a pitch competition, vying for $15,000 in no-obligation funding.

Reflecting on his experience at DAV Patriot Boot Camp and the pitch competition, Parvis expressed satisfaction with the positive reception his venture received. "It's empowering to witness people's excitement when I discuss it," he remarked.

Backed by innovative technology and enthusiastic feedback, Parvis remains optimistic about addressing a significant gap in the market. His product not only caters to athletes but also resonates with the Veteran community, paying tribute to military service in its design.

Adorned with symbolic references, such as "Front Toward Enemy" inscribed on the tip—a nod to Claymore mine instructions—and reflective lines mimicking the ejection port cover of an M-16 rifle, GOFASTER shoes incorporate elements that honor military heritage. Additionally, the inclusion of "Quick Response Foam" (QRF), a homage to the military's "Quick Reaction Force," underscores Parvis's commitment to his roots.

"If we can play a meaningful role within a larger ecosystem supporting Veterans, it's a win-win situation," Parvis affirmed. "Teaming up with organizations like DAV enables us to extend our reach and make a more profound impact on our community."

DAV Patriot Boot Camp

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