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VA Disability Updates Rating Schedule for Digestive Conditions: New Criteria Effective Immediately

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced revisions to the VA Schedule for Rating Disabilities (VASRD), focusing on updates to the assessment of digestive conditions. These revisions, affecting the criteria for 55 medical conditions, integrate recent medical advancements and knowledge to more accurately compensate veterans.

Significant updates include new evaluations for celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and hemorrhoids, which will greatly impact veterans. Starting May 19, celiac disease will be evaluated with a new diagnostic code, reflecting the condition's impact on the body's ability to process gluten. This autoimmune disorder was previously rated between zero to 30 percent, but will now be evaluated up to 80 percent based on its severity.

For IBS, the VA previously offered ratings of zero, 10, and 30 percent. The new criteria will introduce a 20 percent rating, ensuring all evaluations provide some level of compensation based on symptom frequency.

Additionally, the VA has revised the evaluation criteria for both internal and external hemorrhoids. Previously, mild or moderate cases were not eligible for compensation. Under the new criteria, these will qualify for a 10 percent evaluation, while more severe cases continue to receive higher ratings.

Josh Jacobs, the Under Secretary for Benefits, highlighted that these updates align the rating criteria more closely with the VASRD's goal of compensating veterans based on the average impairment of their earning capacity.

It's important to note that current ratings for veterans will not change due to these updates unless there is an improvement in their condition. For conditions with pending claims as of May 19, the VA will apply the more favorable criteria between the old and new schedules.

For a complete list of affected conditions and further details, veterans are encouraged to visit the Federal Register or the VA benefits website.

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John Reuter

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